With energy reduction being the primary focus a soft drink manufacturer in Alabama was looking to replace old hot water heating technology without having to adopt the inherent inefficiencies of boilers and steam. With up front capital cost a major concern The MaxiMizer Hot Water Heater soon became the obvious choice to replace the old ribbon type burner solution heaters for their can and bottle warmers. Over a period of three years all ten existing units were replaced with five MaxiMizer hot water heaters with more than satisfactory results. This facility continues to realize a 30% to 40% reduction in hot water heating costs while avoiding the constant maintenance issues associated with other available technologies. The facility production manager maintains “This is the best capital money we have spent in my thirty plus years with the company”.


Hot water is always a constant requirement at meat processing facilities for sanitation and process purposes. Due to increased production this Tennessee meat processing facility was having difficulty providing enough hot water during the sanitation period when demand is at its peak. The existing boilers were already at full capacity so the addition of a new four pass wet back boiler seemed to be the only option. The scope of this project required significant investment due to the facility real estate constraints and the requirement of an additional building to house the boiler and ancillary components. Upon consulting MaxiMizer Systems we were able to solve this problem with the addition of a 7.5 million BTUH MaxiMizer hot water heater to augment the existing hot water system.


Due to the small footprint associated with this unit we were also able to avoid the extra expense associated with the construction of a new boiler house. This facility now generates all its sanitation hot water needs with the MaxiMizer unit realizing an average 35% reduction in hot water heating costs. The VP of Engineering stated

“Due to the addition of the MaxiMizer unit we are able to save energy dollars and have avoided a significant capital expense, this hot water heater has paid for itself time and time again & provides all the hot water we need”.


A Georgia based carpet manufacturer was looking at technologies to lower overall natural gas consumption and increase boiler efficiency. MaxiMizer Systems Dual Stage Boiler Stack Economizer Systems were installed turn-key at five facilities throughout the south east over a period of 18 months. Waste stack energy normally lost to atmosphere is now being utilized to pre-heat boiler feed and process water at all of these facilities. During the preliminary design stage this customer chose to include our BTU metering system to monitor recovered energy value, all five plants report a simple project return on investment of less than one year.


The manufacturer reports that “These systems continue to provide a practical cost effective method of reducing energy consumption; I would recommend Resource Recovery Company and this system to anyone operating boilers”.


After being called in to address the need for energy reduction at this Georgia recycle paper plant MaxiMizer Systems implemented the following engineered turn-key solution. A dual stage Boiler Stack Economizer system was installed on the existing package boiler to capture the significant waste energy being lost to atmosphere. This waste energy is being utilized to provide pre-heated boiler feed water also pre-heated dryer make up air realizing significant steam reduction while saving energy dollars.


As we all know during the current economic hard times the “bottom line” is everything and a dollar saved is a dollar earned. This North Carolina laundry facility recognized the potential for energy reduction and opted to install a MaxiMizer Systems waste water heat recovery system in an effort to reduce energy consumption and impact their “bottom line”. Although this facility has a relatively small laundry operation the turn-key installation was able to generate an energy savings of $90,000 per year by raising the temperature of 24GPM of laundry wash water 60°F with waste energy normally lost to sewer. With a turn-key MaxiMizer Systems project cost of $105,000 this facility was able to realize a simple return on investment of fourteen months.


Due to fierce competition from overseas markets it has become imperative for textile facilities to lower energy costs in order to survive. A large North Carolina dye house facility realizing the potential for energy reduction decided to install a MaxiMizer Systems waste water heat recovery system in late 2008. The custom designed shell and tube heat exchanger system was brought on line in early 2009 to great effect, this system is heating an average of 184 GPM of dye house make up water from 75°F to 102°F with waste energy normally lost to the sewer. This system is providing in excess of $300,000 per year in energy savings helping secure this company’s future.

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