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MaxiMizer Systems specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of waste water heat recovery systems.  Waste water heat recovery allows you to capture waste energy from hot water normally lost to the drain or sewer system.

Our boiler stack economizer system will allow you to heat process water up to 140 F by utilizing the waste energy normally lost to atmosphere in your boiler stack exhaust.  This system can be installed using a plate and frame heat exchanger to provide potable water.

MaxiMizer Features & Benefits

•    Shell and tube heat exchanger of 100% Stainless steel construction.
•    Internal tubing 316 stainless steel.
•    Heat exchanger waste water adaptors constructed of 100% stainless steel.
•    Heat exchanger shell manufactured from schedule 10 stainless steel pipe.
•    Heat exchanger manufactured to TEMA standards.
•    Continuous tube bend technology provides self-cleaning of internal surfaces.
•    Pressure controlled back flush system feature for self-cleaning.
•    PLC based control system to optimize energy recovery.
•    PLC based BTU monitoring system provides metered energy recovery.
•    Reduction in CO2 emissions.
•    Capture waste energy normally lost to drain.
•    Utilize waste energy elsewhere in your process to reduce steam load.
•    Save energy dollars with lower fuel consumption costs.
•    Heat water with free energy.
•    Full systems design for your total water system.
•    Water re-use systems.
•    Filter shaker screen systems.
•    Custom designed system for your application.

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