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Our Objectives

•  Increase Energy Efficiency

•  Reduce Boiler Load

•  Reduce Overall Energy Consumption

•  Reduce Operating Costs & Increase Profits

•  Reduce Carbon Footprints

our methods

Identification. We will talk to your plant personnel to ascertain the
potential for energy reduction on a case by case basis. 

Survey. We will visit your facilities and carry out an in depth hands on survey to identify the opportunity.
Preliminary Engineering. We will design a plant specific system for your needs and prepare a turn-key proposal and energy savings spreadsheet.
Presentation. We will present your options for energy reduction at
a corporate and local level utilizing one or more of our energy reducing

we design, manufacture & install

MaxiMizer Systems specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of energy efficient Water Heating Systems. Our systems will reduce your energy cost and carbon footprint while meeting 100% of your company’s hot water needs.

MaxiMizer. Your Sustainability Partner.

Contact us for Direct Fired Water Heaters, Boiler Stack Economizers, and Waste Water Heat Recovery Systems.

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