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Our system will allow you to heat process water up to

140 F by utilizing wast energy.


Allows you to capture waste energy from hot water normally lost down the drain.

The turnkey solution to energy reduction & increasing profits


The MaxiMizer will generate hot water at between 95% and 99% efficiency.

Our products will lower your carbon footprint.

MaxiMizer Systems will assist your organization to identify opportunities for energy reduction by providing an engineered turn-key solution. In today's economic environment, there has never been a better time to lower energy costs and increase profitability.  This is exactly what Maximizer Systems do.

Significant energy savings can be generated by utilizing one or more of the following systems: Boiler Stack Economizers, Waste Water Heat Recovery, Direct Fired and High Efficiency Hot Water Heating Systems.

Start saving energy dollars today to impact your bottom line. Increase profits with energy reduction and lower your carbon footprint. Utilize the RRC Advantage program with our free energy survey.