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MaxiMizer Systems specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of energy efficient Water Heating Systems.  Our systems will reduce your energy cost and carbon footprint while meeting 100% of your company’s hot water needs.

The MaxiMizer will generate hot water at between 95% and 99.9% efficiency depending on the operating conditions compared to conventional systems at 65%.  The MaxiMizer PTC (Product Temperature Control) System will automatically control your heater firing sequence to provide optimum energy efficiency while maintaining product/water temperature to accurately avoid a moisture condensation situation.

MaxiMizer Features & Benefits

•  100% stainless steel construction.
•  11 gauge polished stainless steel shell.
•  Stainless steel spray nozzle.
•  Stainless steel burner discharge sleeve.
•  Stainless steel pumps.
•  100% Stainless steel stack.

•  Exiting stack temperature 10 degrees above incoming water temperature.
•  Cast iron Maxon burner  with 40 to 1 turn down ratio.
•  Custom designed system specifically for your application.
•  Low NOx systems available.
•  NSF certification.
•  UL certified control panel.
•  Internal hot water storage.
•  Easy access side mounted burner.
•  Small footprint.

•  Cool wall design.
•  PLC control and monitoring system.
•  Pressure transducer driven level control.
•  Hot water to 185 degrees F.
•  Natural gas and propane fuel systems.
•  Realize a 30% reduction in natural gas costs.
•  Units available from 750,000 to 30 Million BTUH.
•  Full systems design.
•  Reduction in C02 emissions.
•  Lower your carbon footprint and fuel consumption costs.