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MaxiMizer Systems will provide a concise component list with all high efficiency hot water heating and heat recovery systems. The majority of these system components are stocked in house and available, please call us at 1-828-322-4044 for pricing and availability.

- W.W.H.R Pumps:
- High capacity pumps: &
- Condensate pumps:
- High pressure sanitation pumps:

Heat Exchangers

- Shell and tube
- Plate and frame:
- Fin and tube:
- Steam heater and bundles:


- Automatic control valves:
- High temperature butterfly valves:
- Check valves:
- Three and four way valves:


- Maxon:
- Powerflame:

Blowers and exhaust fans

- Flue gas:
- Air make-up:

Steam system components

- Traps:
- Valves:
- Strainers:

Control components

- Pressure:
- Level:
- Temperature:
- Flow meters:
- Gauges:
- BTU metering systems:  



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